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Friends of Bishop Gilpin

The BG School Fund should not be confused with the Friends of Bishop Gilpin (FOBG). While the BG School Fund is managed by the Governors, FOBG is managed by a committee of parents, in partnership with the Headteacher and the Governors, on behalf of all the parents.

Historically, FOBG has tended to fund the ‘nice to have’ items while the BG School Fund funds the 'need to haves'; eg maintenance and development of the school buildings and Information and Computer Technology (ICT).

We encourage parents to support the BG School Fund on a regular, monthly basis and also to attend FOBG functions, which raise money in a fun, community-orientated way.

The school and the Governors work closely with FOBG to ensure that the fundraising and projects that both the BG School Fund and FOBG undertake fit alongside each other to maximise the potential for school improvement.

For more information on the work of FOBG, please go to the Friends of Bishop Gilpin website, below: