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Physical Education

We aim to create a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning by demonstrating the importance of health, well being, competitive and recreational sport through high quality teaching and learning experiences. Instilling the values of mental and physical health (that are supported by exercise and activity) into each of our children.

We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, engaging and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing our children’s physical competence and confidence.  As well as being important in its own right, physical well being can contribution mental well being. 

We promote physical skillfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. We aim to give a stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experience. Children may learn as individuals, be paired-off or take part in group activities. During co-operative, creative and competitive situations they are encouraged to use their improvisation and problem-solving skills.

Our children are also encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be aware of the factors that affect our health and fitness. 

Physical Education Curriculum

High-quality PE lessons are taught twice a week, covering 2 different sports/skills units per term. We follow the sequenced Merton School Sports Partnership's Get Set PE schemes of work to ensure all pupils participate and develop in a variety of sports, covering the National Curriculum objectives. The consistency of the planning and resources provided by MSSP ensure lessons across years show progression, allowing children to further develop advanced skills required in all areas of the curriculum.

Throughout the children in Key Stage 2 are given the opportunity to trial and compete in sports events both internally and externally. Our Class V Class tournaments and MSSP local and borough competitions/festivals give every child an opportunity to compete at an appropriate level to enrich their experience of PE and competitive sport. During the summer term, we hold a competitive sports day, where the children represent their classes and take part in a variety of track and field events that are accessible to all.

Read our Physical Education curriculum aims here.

Read our Physical Education curriculum overview here.

We were recently re-awarded the Platinum MSSP School Sport Mark in recognition for our commitment to physical education and school sport achieving the Gold award for at least 5 consecutive years.


(Creativity, understanding and decision making)

Children learn the rules of games and develop their understanding of strategy. They progress in their ability to apply the rules and strategies to games independently and collaboratively. 

We aim for the children to develop the ability to make quick decisions in different circumstances and to respond to different situations with skill and purpose. 

Children will reflect on their performances and the performances of others and suggest improvements in strategy and/or practice.


(Fair play, leadership, social)

Children learn to distinguish between thinking emotionally and logically in sport. They will learn to win and lose with decorum and will learn the behaviours of a role model. 

Children learn specific sporting etiquette as well as general sportsmanship. 

Our children will learn how to be leaders on the sports field and be able to use their influence to affect change. 

Sport is taught with a positive individual and team ethos in mind, with a focus on encouragement and aspiration.

Hands (Fitness and physical literacy)

Children learn a broad range of transferable physical skills with a particular focus on education around the importance of physical fitness for a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Children are prepared for success in multiple disciplines and will be able to apply physical skills and fitness in a variety of different scenarios. 

Children learn the importance of good technique from a safety and success point of view. 

Children also learn to transfer these skills from practice to a competitive environment.


Competitive Sport

Our children are given the opportunity to trial and compete in multiple sports across the school year. Bishop Gilpin enter multiple teams in many sporting competitions, from tag rugby and football to dance and gymnastics. Our children compete against other schools in the Borough, in London and nationally, often with great success.  

In addition, all children are involved in internal competitions in a variety of sports and disciplines.

Great care is taken in the monitoring and recording of those children who compete in an attempt to ensure every child has opportunity.

Under the superb leadership of Mr Smail (and through our Pioneer Sports partnership) our competitive sport curriculum offer has been better than ever before with ALL children in key stage 2 having the opportunity to take part in intra school competitions throughout the year and 158 children across key stage 2 representing Bishop Gilpin at inter-school level in 2021-2022. Numerous successes in inter-school sporting competition have once again supported our excellent curriculum offer. 

Read more about competitive sport at Bishop Gilpin on our Sports and Competition page here.

We are part of, and support the aims of, the Merton School Sport Partnership. Hosted and supported by the Sport Specialist College, Harris Academy, their vision is to inspire young people to achieve their best in sport and physical activity through the provision of high-quality PE, coaching, leadership, extracurricular activity and competitions. For more information, please visit the Merton School Sport Partnership website, below:

Web icon http://www.mertonssp.org.uk/

Extra-Curricular Sports Provision


We offer a wide variety of extra curricular opportunities to allow our children to practise, consolidate and develop skills learned during curriculum time. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to develop the social side of sport with children from different classes and year groups. 

Older children are able to use their experience to develop the learning of younger or less experienced children and enjoy the responsibility of sharing their knowledge in a warm and welcoming environment.

See our extra-curricular club timetable here.

PE Sports Premium Funding

We use the money from the Sports Premium Grant to provide our children with equipment and experiences that have a lasting impact on the sporting lives of our children. 

Our membership of the MSSP enables us to allow more children to represent the school in sport.  

The quality of investments that we make improves the PE provision in the school but also on the overall health and fitness of our pupils.

Schools have a central role to play in supporting all children and young people to live healthy active lives. This is particularly true of primary school where the foundations of positive and enjoyable participation in regular physical activity should be established.

Crucial to achieving this is ensuring that pupils have access to at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day, alongside high-quality PE provision taught by confident and knowledgeable teachers and opportunities to experience and participate in a wide range of sports and physical activities. PE and sport premium grant funding should be used by schools towards these aims.

Read our full report on the PE and Sports Premium at Bishop Gilpin Primary School for 2021-22 here.