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We ensure that our children gain the phonics knowledge and language comprehension necessary to read, and the skills to communicate, providing them with a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our phonics programme has been developed as a result of our partnership with an English hub.

We use "letters and sounds" as a basis for our bespoke approach to teaching phonics in a systematic and structured way. Pupils learn to read in an efficient manner, enabling all pupils to access the full curriculum offer. 

Our consistent, sequential whole school approach to the reading curriculum develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading.  To enable this, reading books connect closely to the phonics knowledge pupils are taught when they are learning to read. We have invested in new books to support our new approaches to reading at home and in school and have been supported in doing so via funding from FoBG.  

At all stages, reading attainment and progress is rigorously assessed and monitored. Gaps are addressed quickly and effectively for all pupils. 

Our teaching staff ensure that their own speaking, listening, writing and reading of English supports pupils in developing their language and vocabulary well. 

Children work systematically from phase 1 to phase 6. Pre-teaching and additional interventions are used when appropriate to ensure pupils are given every opportunity to learn at the same pace as their peers.

Phonics policy 

Phase 2 sounds, rhymes and actions:

Phase 3 sounds, rhymes and actions:

 Phase 5 sounds, rhymes and actions:


Phonics flashcards for parents/carers to download and use.  Please contact school if you are unable to print copies.

Phase 2 flashcards

Phase 3 flashcards

Phase 5 flashcards



Many spellings can be learned through the application of phonics rules and we continue to teach spelling rules as children progress through our curriculum.  We also teach "tricky words" that do not follow common spelling patterns.

Please look at the spellings taught in each year group:

Reception Spelling Scheme

Year 1 Spelling Scheme

Year 2 Spelling Scheme

Year 3 Spelling Scheme

Year 4 Spelling Scheme

Year 5 Spelling Scheme