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Writing and Spelling


At Bishop Gilpin, we aim to create a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning by establishing excellent early communication skills to enable all children to become fluent, confident and capable writers, speakers and listeners.

As writing is a key life skill, we promote daily writing opportunities so that children can successfully write for a range of audiences and purposes.

Further details about how we teach writing at Bishop Gilpin can be found in our Writing, Speaking & Listening Curriculum Aims document. An overview of which authors, texts and genres are covered in each year group can be found on our Writing Curriculum Overview.


Year 2 Spelling Scheme

Year 3 Spelling Scheme

Year 4 Spelling Scheme

Year 5 Spelling Scheme

Children are taught all the KS2 spelling rules by the end of year 5 and they consolidate their knowledge of these in year 6.