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We aim to create a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning through providing children with the cultural capital, vocabulary, sentence structure and confidence to partake in early conversational French, creating the groundwork for future language development. 

Verbs as Building Blocks

Over the course of their French lessons at Bishop Gilpin, children will be taught a range of grammar including nouns, verbs and adjectives. Our aim is that children are able to manipulate verbs to be able to create their own sentences, both in spoken and written French. This research led approach will support children with their language skills in a range of contexts.


Children will learn basic vocabulary in different topic areas.  The vocabulary covered, e.g. numbers, colours and family members are revisited across the terms and this will allow  key vocabulary to be embedded in their long term memory.  This should provide them with a very good foundation for learning as they move forward into year 7.

Phonics and Common Sound Patterns

Common sound patterns and spellings are highlighted regularly to allow the children to develop good pronunciation.  Key question words are also learnt to encourage the use of inflection in tone when asking questions, e.g. 'Qui, Quand, Comment, Qu’est-ce que’? Phonics play an important part in our French curriculum with the following sounds being covered: The following sounds will be covered over the course of the 8 units: nasal vowels an/ en/ in/ on/ un silent final e ç u er/ ez/ et qu i eu silent final consonants ch ou


In order for the children to make good progress, they will be required to understand the basic elements of French grammar.  Eg, the key concepts of adjectival agreement, position of adjectives,  general word order, will be regularly explored and revisited in different topics. 

French Curriculum  Approach


The key NC strands in Modern Foreign Languages, the EYFS framework and Development Matters  have informed our schemas and  the  Oak National Academy curriculum planning, leading to a direct impact on children's learning.

Schemas are repeated and then added to in future learning. Skills/procedural knowledge follows a planned progression.

Our Year 6 pupils gain frequent experience in conversational French with planned sessions with older students from King's College. 

full French curriculum is ensured by the class teachers' consideration during planning and teaching, alongside consultation with SEND, support staff and class teachers. Further details on the SEND/Vulnerable page.

Curriculum  Hours

KS2: One hour per week  for 50% of the school year in Year 4, Year 5, Year 6